Thats a wrapBigAir 2023

Thats a wrap

BigAir 2023

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Arrival Procedures

check in upstairs at the canteen, show your pre-purchased lesson conformation and our staff will guide you to where to meet your instructor. Fill out your lesson and rental form here.
If you do not require rental equipment, proceed to the lesson meeting point
If you have pre-purchased rental equipment check into the Rental Shop bottom level of our Chalet. Arrive minimum of 45 min prior your lesson.


Equipment Procedures

If you require rental equipment a rental form will need to be filled out. Forms, pens, and countertops on which you can fill out the form are available in the Rental/Boutique area and Canteen. Please fill out the form completely and honestly, so that we can properly fit you with appropriate equipment. Hand your form to our rental staff when it is your turn.
The rental technician will use the form to issue you the proper equipment:
boots, skis, helmet and poles for skiers;
boots, helmet and snowboard for snowboarders.


Here are the steps you need to take in order to get your equipment:

The rental technician will issue you the proper equipment based on the information you provided on the rental form. Our boots are numbered by size. The first number indicates the boot size and generally matches your dress shoe size. Women may want to try one size smaller than their dress shoe.

Only one pair of socks is needed! Close all the buckles. The boots should fit snug but not hurt your feet. Our Rental Staff are available to assist you if you have questions or concerns about the boots. The rental technician will be able to answer any question you may have regarding the safe operation of the equipment.

A copy of the rental form will be given to you listing the equipment provided to you. You will need to return this copy at the end of your day. Exit the rental area and enjoy your day on the slopes.

Your street shoes may be stored in either a bunk or your vehicle. After you have your boots on, give one boot back to the rental technician.