Thats a wrapBigAir 2023

Thats a wrap

BigAir 2023

Rate Your Ability

Knowing your skiing & snowboarding ability level will make sure that you get the most out of your ski or snowboard lesson. Use the descriptions in the chart below to assist you in selecting the level you should register for. We recommend starting at the level that corresponds with the most accurate description of your current ability or the level recommended to you. Once on snow, our Snow Pro’s are happy to reassess to ensure you are in the right spot.




0 New to skiing.  No experience! New to snowboarding.  No experience!
1 Some experience. Can complete small direction changes in snowplow. Can snowplow stop.  Ride carpet lifts. Some experience. Can walk and climb with board on.  Can straight run.  Ride carpet lifts.
2 Comfortable on beginner terrain.  Can link snowplow turns with balance over the outside foot.  Can walk and climb with skis on. Ready to ride lift. Comfortable on beginner terrain.  Can complete toeside and heelside slipping.  Can complete toeside and heelside pendulum. Ready to ride lift.
3 Comfortable on green terrain. Can straight run with speed and snowplow stop on demand.  Can control speed in linked turns on green terrain. Comfortable on green terrain.  Can control direction and speed on either heel or toe edge.
4 Ready to conquer blue terrain.  Can link varied size snowplow turns while balanced over the outside ski. Age 6+: can ride lift unassisted. Ready to conquer blue terrain.  Can pendulum heel and toe edge.   Can link controlled turns using heel and toe edge. Age 6+: can ride lift unassisted.
5 Rhythmical snowplow turns with skis matching occasionally in parallel on green and blue terrain.  Working on hockey stop. Can complete varied radius turns on both toeside and heelside.  Can do 360 flat spins.  Shows greater confidence at speed.
6 Consistently matches skis through completion of turn on green and blue terrain.  Able to hockey stop on both sides. Can increase edge angle for more carved turn.  Can do beginner switch turns.  Comfortable on varied terrain ie: bumps, rollers on blue terrain. Able to control speed.
7 Skis are parallel on blue and black terrain most of the time.  Beginning to use pole plant. Can do flat 360 spins. Comfortable on black terrain.  Can perform intermediate carved turns.  Sliding switch turns. Can maintain balance as speed and slope increase.
8 Skis are parallel on black terrain with good speed control through varied turn shape.  Pole plant is used.  Turn shape is symmetrical and rhythmical. Can complete varied radius carved turns.  Controls speed using turn shape. Rides switch with moderate speed.
9 Turns are varied radius with speed control through good edging of both skis.  Angulation and inclination used to ski efficiently.  Can ski in varied snow conditions and varied terrain.  Varied radius turns in control at high speed.  Strong mechanics for increasing and decreasing the edge.  Confident in terrain adaptation.